Local Arrangements Committee

From the University of Georgia Department of English:

  • Professor John Lowe (Chief Conference Organizer)
  • Assistant Professor Cody Mars
  • Associate Professor Barbara McCaskill
  • Associate Professor Channette Romero
  • Associate Professor Susan Rosenbaum
  • Assistant Professor Esra Santesso
  • Graduate Student Jordan Stone

From the University of Georgia Department of Comparative Literature:

  • Assistant Professor Peter O’Neill

From the Emory University Department of English:

  • Professor Valérie Loichot
  • Assistant Professor Erin Suzuki

From Emory at Oxford College Department of English:

  • Associate Professor Margaret McGeehee

From Georgia State University Department of English:

  • Assistant Professor Gina Caison

From the Mercer University Department of English:

  • Assistant Professor David Davis

From Spelman College, Department of English:

  • Professor Opal Moore

From the University of North Georgia Department of Language and Literature:

  • Assistant Professor Jürgen Grandt (a UGA Ph.D.)

The MELUS 2015 Organizing Committee thanks the following individuals and University of Georgia administrators for their generous funding of our conference:

  • President Jere W. Morehead (President’s Venture Fund)
  • Alan T. Dorsey, Dean and Professor, Franklin College
  • Hugh Ruppersburg, University Professor and Senior Associate Dean, Franklin College
  • Jed Rasula, Helen S. Lanier Professor and Head, Department of English
  • Douglas Anderson, Sterling-Goodman Professor, Department of English
  • John Lowe, Barbara Methwin Professor, Department of English